Friday, November 06, 2009

The Thick of It - Greenwich style?

Below is a picture from the Greenwich Council propaganda newspaper Greenwich Time which is delivered to the doorsteps of thousands of residents in Greenwich at a cost just shy of a million. The picture features the Labour Leader of Greenwich Council, Chris Roberts, receiving a charitable cheque for £5.98 million from John Anderson, Director of Berkley Homes.

Now... did no one at the Council's press office think a picture of the Leader - who sits on the Planning Board for Greenwich - receiving a very large cheque from the Director of a building company - that's received planning consent for a massive contract in Greenwich - might be a bit.... well a bit stupid?

It's like one of those great cock-ups in The Thick Of It when some politician makes themselves look dodgy when they're not. Talk about life imitating the art!

Note: This post did feature for a short period overnight under a different title. However, someone quite rightly pointed out that it might just be a bit actionable. I admit it was poorly written and could be construed as making an allegation (which was not the intent) rather than simply pointing out a cock-up in political news management. That's what too much red wine does for you. Apologies.

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