Thursday, November 05, 2009

Can't imagine why Ashley Cole is "obsessed"

Earlier this morning I downloaded (and paid for) Cheryl Cole's new album, "3 Words". I'm not sure which is worse, the fact I downloaded something by Cheryl Cole or the fact I actually paid for, both are totally shameful and I've come to the conclusion I must be getting very old, however I had to listen to it because her latest single is just way too catchy.

To put it bluntly the album is largely as crap as I expected it to be - they clearly released the very best single off it first. However, what's interesting about the album is the lyrics of most of the songs. Virtually all the songs are about a crappy relationship with a man who is a complete git, in one case he even drives the female half of the relationship to drink.

Now, according Cheryl Cole herself, in an interview on GMTV, Ashley Cole, the erstwhile footballer and husband of Cheryl is obsessed with the album.
"Ashley is obsessed with it! I have to actually, physically hide the album from Ashley – it’s quite embarrassing!"
Well yes, if my wife released an album that was all about bad relationships that included lyrics like those below you can probably understand why he might be, no?

How can I know what you mean when you never ask
How can I drive you crazy when I've got no gas
How can we be together when we're so far apart
You tell me that you love me then you go and break my heart

Is it better? Is it worse?
Are we sitting in reverse?
It's just like we're going backwards....
we got a fight for this love
True I doubt the former Miss Tweedy wrote the songs herself, but she no doubt had an input in choosing them.

Poor old Ashley - not!

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