Friday, November 06, 2009

Cheers Gordon!

Last night, whilst driving home I received a call from Guido to inform me that Gordon Brown had said he would be cheering Everton on in their Europa league match against Benfica at Goodison Park. As Guido notes I was none too impressed saying,
"That’s it we’re f****d, that f*****g c**t has really f****d us now."
I have to admit, I really don't understand why Brown feels the need to say he's supporting this team or that. If it wasn't bad enough for Everton that we've got so many injuries, do we really need the kiss of death from Brown to help us on our way?

On the positive side, Brown also said that he supports all British teams in European matches, so at least Liverpool are screwed as well now. Shame on the others but c'est la vie!

The score last night? Oh we got beaten 2-0, that adds to the 5-0 kicking at Benfica two weeks ago.

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