Friday, November 06, 2009

Brit-Cit is here.....

Way back in 2006, I posted about the news that Government planned to introduce Brit-Cit Judge Dredd style extra-judicial powers for local authorities and the Police. At the time, this move by Labour sat quite well with the fact that they had shut down 122 Magistrate Courts and 22 County Court Houses since 1997.

Thus it does not surprise me at all that, as commented on by the Tameside Eye blog that ex-military men through a security firm are being paid by the Council to patrol streets.

Worth noting that the Labour Councillor mentioned in the story has allegedly said of a UVF punishment beating that "I bet this lad does not reoffend I understand the number of criminals on this estate is nil".

As I said 2006, welcome to Brit-Cit!

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