Friday, March 20, 2009

Government consults with non-existent businesses

Who better to provide the proof that their completely out of touch with reality thjat the Government itself? The Department of Energy and Climate Change is holding a Consultation on the Draft Order to Implement the Carbon Reduction Commitment which began on March 12th.

And who is on the list of those they plan to consult? Well, Wrekin Construction Limited for a start, a company that went into administration on March 10th, two days before they launched the consultation.

Now you might say I'm being unfair, after all it's two days. Well how about the fact that Woolworths, that finally shut the doors on their last stores at the beginning of January? They're on the list too.

Should anyone want to go through the original list and look to see if any more of the companies the Goevrnment is consulting don't exist anymore you can read itonline here too (just in case the DECC changes the document).


Linda said...

A simple administrative error or giant cock-up whatever slant suits you!

CROWN said...

are you sure it's not just part of the plan. After all what better way to reduce carbon than to close the business down. Wrekin and Woolworths commit to 100% carbon reduction by April 2009

Anonymous said...

It is much easier to get your own way in a "conference" if you are the only one there!!!

Anonymous said...

"A simple administrative error" Nice try, but it won't wash.

I've organised enough events to not consider this a simple administrative error.

Anonymous said...

Come on, there's thousands of names on the list. Would you rather the government paid someone a full time wage to manage the database. Or that they just ammend the list when the consulation email/letter bounces back?

Option 2 would save a lot of money and still get the job done.

Barkingside 21 said...

I wish I'd known about that before this.

I shall have to upgrade the frequency of your feed.