Friday, October 19, 2007

Will this polling get covered by the BBC?

According to some recent polling of the Afghanistan population by Canadian media oprganisations, the majority of Afghans are happy with the foreign military presence in their country; they think that the country is going in the right direction; and generally think the NATO presence (and America) is a force for good whilst they largely despise the Taliban.

Question is, will such positive polling data be picked up by the UK media like the BBC? My heart wishes so, but my gut thinks that news that Afghans appreciate what we're doing - and especially what the Americans are doing- won't be considered worthy of coverage. You can bet Robert Fisk and the Independent won't be writing about it that's for sure!
Hat Tip: Croydonian


Anonymous said...

Not really new news though is it, I thought it was well known that (for the moment anyway) they wanted NATO troops to stay. Now Iraq on the other hand...

malpas said...

Pollong such a population must be hard in view of the rural/urban spread/war.
Maybe they like NATO as they can grow their drug crops which the taliban stopped.
Follow the money trail.

Anonymous said...

Well, so far so good, but there are rather obvious gaps in what is being done that need to be sorted out before the wind changes.

That said, there is no doubt they are not keen on the Taliban, we just need to make sure it stays that way.

Anonymous said...

Don't confuse Afghanistan and Iran. The typical Afghan on the Kabul omnibus has been happy to see someone try to take control, and probably supports Karzai even if fear of their local warlord or the Taliban means that they are not too vocal. They probably see Karzai as part national hero for taking on the role, part Yankee stooge because of the source of his power, and part fall guy because on a risk adjusted basis he probably has one of the lowest life expectancies of any head of state.