Saturday, August 19, 2006

It's cheaper than Grittish Bass

Another post about an advert that caught my eye, PowerGen. It's not the first time that PowerGen adverts have caught my eye, I always liked their one that said they were "the power behind power". There latest advert is clearly part of a media strategy tied to their recent price hikes (funny, British Gas did the same thing).

In the advert, there are a couple of blokes in a pub talking about different beer and one of them says "it's cheaper than Grittish Bass". All very clever I know, but just like British Gas, you have to pass judgement on the sheer front of a company that hikes it gas price by 18.4% and it's electricity price by 9.7% and can only use the line of "we're not as expensive as the other lot" to justify itself it.

They may very well be cheaper than British Gas, doesn't change the fact they're still too bloody expensive. It all makes Gordon's "Winter Fuel Payment" to pensioner pretty worthless.

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Anonymous said...

I assumed that cheaper than Grittish Bass was just to avoid them saying cheaper than British Gas. I wouldn't expect them to be any cheaper from that advert!