Saturday, August 19, 2006

Annoying PCWorld adverts

As many will now, when I'm not writing something about politics I'm working with computers. I am a genuine geek and very proud of it, there is nothing I like more than technology.

As you can probably guess I don't particularly like places like PCWorld. Besides them charging over the odds for equipment, the information they often give out to customers is nonsense, and, unsurprisingly is designed to make them more money. Their tv adverts are a case in point though.The latest advert has the PCWorld guy extolling the virtues of Intel's Dual Core cpus. When asked what it means he says "It means you can download email whilst uploading tunes at the same time". Funny, I've been doing that for years.

Basically, places like PCWorld take the consumer for a ride by trying to make technology sound far simpler than it is. The result is bad analogy that are simply nonsense. Of course, the avergae consumer is going to glaze over if they start explaining the concept of worker threads and cpu tick scheduling. But telling them dual core means you can do something which single core can do to, is a case of most blatent lying.

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Anonymous said...

Might be able to download email while uploading tunes, but what happens when you surf those sites on the net and run out of hands ? Where's the dual core going to get you then ?