Saturday, August 19, 2006

Those expensive potatoes

I took on board what people said this morning and checked the price of loose baking spuds just to be sure. The cheapest I could find them was 49p per lb. I took three average size ones to the scale (smaller than what you'd use for a "jacket spud" but big enough). They weighed 3.1lb, thus would've cost approximately £1.50. Inflation is deifintely back.


The Daily Pundit said...

Dizzy, I take fiscal matters very seriously. Having consulted some of the worlds leading experts on westernised economies, I have come to this conclusion: get an allotment. You won't regret it.

snowflake5 said...

For the economically illiterate, inflation is the percentage change in price over the year. In order to demonstrate that there has been inflation in the price of potatoes above the published inflation rates, you need to compare the cost of potatoes last year, with this year. I think you'll find they haven't changed much at all in the last few years. The supermarkets have been exerting brutal downward pressure on the market gardeners.

Simply saying "Gosh! I've just realised that potatoes cost 49p and I think that's high compared to my distant childhood" is not good enough. Of course the prices are high compared to your distant childhood - between your childhood and now is the period 1989-1991 which dramatically inflated the cost of all sorts of goods.

dizzy said...

errr.... I didn't say anything about my distant childhood in either this or the original post.

Anonymous said...

Tesco baking potatoes. 2.5Kg (5.5lb) for £1.68. 30p a pound. Bargain. Sorted ?

PS when they ask at the checkout if anyone helped you with your shopping today, tell them I did. I need the commission; I'm saving up to buy zit remover.