Thursday, July 13, 2006

Cameron announces EPP withdrawal

I've just received the following email from CCHQ:

David Cameron today fulfilled his pledge to withdraw the Conservative Party from the European People’s Party (EPP) Parliamentary Group and form a new group in the European Parliament.

Today he will sign an agreement to form the new group with the Czech Prime Minister-designate and leader of the Civic Democratic Party (ODS), Mr Topolanek. At Mr Topolanek’s explicit request, the new group will be formed at the beginning of the next European Parliament in 2009.

In addition, the Conservative Party and the ODS will immediately establish a new Movement for European Reform, which will campaign to tackle the challenges that Europe faces. Other political parties which share our objectives, and are dedicated to our ideals of a more open, modern, flexible and decentralised European Union, will be welcome to join the new movement.

Well we knew this was coming afer Guido and ConservativeHome ran it. I like the way it's been spun as fulfillment of the pledge. Looks like Iain Dale's point about why David Davis didn't make the same pledge in the leadership contest was correct.

Update: It looks like Iain Dale got the same email as me and typed faster.


Ellee Seymour said...

I don't think this is a decision that can be rushed. It's brave of Cameron to delay the final move rather than being rushed. Without joining up with other similar minded groups, Conservative MEPs will have no voice. I anticipated an alliance with the Czech group.

I wonder if those Tory MEPs who threatened to quit the EPP will stick to their threat?

David Webster said...

we must get away from federalists as soon as possible. Cameron stalling merely gains him three years in which to posture to other parties about joining.

Intresting point about the MEPs who threatened to quit - is it now party policy to remain in the EPP until 2009 (three years too many), or will Cameron allow them free reign to sit with whoever?

Anonymous said...

about time!