Thursday, July 13, 2006

Iain Dale the secret leftie?

Recently, the "Tyrannosaurus Rex of Labour Blogs" Bob Piper changed his blog links around so they were catergorised into political alignment (after I suggested in a comment it would be a good idea). It looks like in the rush he put Iain Dale into the lefties grouping.

I've been wondering though, is this really just a mistake? Perhaps Iain Dale is actually a secret socialist sent to infiltrate the Right, and Bob's made a freudian slip because he's in on the elaborate plot! I imagine they're both part of the repitillian conspiracy too. I think I'm going to have wear my aluminium foil deflector beanie tonight, it's all getting too much for me!


Bob Piper said...

Dizzy, never put down to conspiracy that which can be explained by cock-up. Although come to think of it Iain is well to the left of most of the abject right-wing commenters on his site, and a fair number of the New Labour ones too. Anyway... cock-up now corrected. Ta.

dizzy said...

Bah.. the conspiracy theory was more fun!