Friday, April 28, 2006

More woes for Clarke

In the past year drug offences went up 21% and robberies went up 6%. That's what the new figures from the Police for England and Wales say. If it never rains for Charles Clarke it pours! I expect the Government will try to positively spin them, we will probably here the age old classic of "the figures are up, but the trend is down" or some such pseudo-scientific bullshit.

The other issue for Clarke is rumbling on though, it looks very likely that many of these released foreign prisoners were not put on the Police's national database (presumably because they were supposed to be deported and wouldn't be a problem?). On top of that, we can probably expect a press release late today that will detail who in the 1000 illegal ex-convicts has re-offended.

Clarke should really have gone days ago. Quite frankly, his incompetence, and Blair's lack of judgement are incredible. I was even more shocked last night to see Falconer saying that Clarke should stay on even if the rapists and murders had re-offended. What planet are these people on?

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