Saturday, April 29, 2006

Who will go this weekend?

As I said a few posts ago there is much speculation about Prescott resigning this weekend. Something I did say was that if the Sundays had a story about him ready for print then that might force Prescott onto his sword. Well, it seems - if Guido's usually reliable source is right - that the Sundays do have a story. Accoridng to that source the Mail on Sunday will be running with something that's is likely to crush Mrs Prezza's heart (again).

Will Prescott really go over this? you may be asking. Well he's certainly being seen as a hypocritical bastard on this issue. It all depends I suppose on Charles Clarke. If Prescott goes and Clarke doesn't everyone will say Prezza's been sacrificed to take the heat off Clarke, which would be bad for the local elections. If Clarke goes on his own then it's bad for the local elections period. The question that the likes of Alistair Campbell will probably be asking this weekend is, which is worst? and, which is easiest to recover from?

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