Friday, May 01, 2009

Paying bills quickly is not the Ministry of Justice's way

Did you know there was a direct target from the Prime Minister that all invoices received by Government departments should be paid within 10 days?

Some departments are better at this than others having seen the figures from most now, however the department that is the worst at paying its bills promptly, is, amusingly for me at least, the Ministry of Justice.

On average only 62% of invoiced received by the Ministry of Justice get paid within 10 days of receipt. To be fair to them it may just because they lost the bank details of their suppliers so couldn't pay quick enough.

  1. Before you take on business with the Ministry of Justice, check their good for it first.
  2. Next time you get a fixed penalty notice tell them the cheque is in the post. What's good for the goose after all?

P.S. Sorry for the lack of blogposts yesterday, I was a bit under the weather.


jd said...

Under the weather? Nothing porcine I trust.

Anonymous said...

Try to get HMRC to make a repayment that they have not bothered to tell you is due to you.

headless said...

10 f'ing days??!! Sweet Jesus that Legal Aid lawyers should be so lucky. Try 60-90 (typically) days if you've submitted a "claim" (ie, invoice) for Crown Court or Civil work.

Not a sheep said...

Let's think, who's the boss of the Ministry of Justice? Oh yes, Jack Straw, a man I wouldn't trust to tell me the time correctly let alone pay a bill of mine.