Wednesday, April 29, 2009

May 5th 2009: Stop Breathing Day

As much as I hate the waste of money Early Day motions are they do provide me with amusement so I shouldn't complain. Bob Spink, Independent/UKIP depending on the day of the week, has tabled a motion that says,
That this House notes there are over five million people in the UK with asthma and over one million of these are children; further notes that children with asthma may be excluded from academic, physical or social activity in schools; welcomes Asthma UK's upcoming initiatives, such as World Asthma Day on 5 May 2009, which will highlight the experiences of people with asthma; and calls on the Government to improve support for children with asthma.
I now have visions of asthma sufferers around the world meeting up in flash mobs having left the brown and blue inhalers at home. They're all going to do a 200 metre sprint and collapse enmasse gasping for air, just to highlight the experience of people with asthma - the only problem is no one will notice because we'll all be dead from swine flu.
Note: I suffer from asthma and find smoking helps me greatly.


Humpty Dumpty said...


Anonymous said...

Stop Breathing Day?

Hmmm....sounds like an interesting way for Dr Lakelander and I to celebrate our 19th Wedding Anniversary.

So far, I'd only planned a business trip to Belgium on that day.

Stop breathing....visit Belgium....what a tough call!

Demetrius said...

If you are really lucky your ashtma will soon develope into anaphylaxis. Incidentally, lay off the male fragrances and fabric conditioners, not only are they addictive, they act as a very effective spermicide.

Lola said...

Hey. I am asthmatic and don't knock it. I got 16 months in a Swiss Sanatorium FOC, used as a test case for trainee doctors and paid for it, looked after by pretty nurses including bed baths, sympathy from PE techers (yes, really), excused games on freezing bloody cold days, chucked out assembly for coughing (ho ho), did I mentioned being bed bathed by pretty nurses, always able to excuse myself from anything taxing I don't want to do, etc etc. Life is what you make of it.