Friday, May 01, 2009

Reform Labour - what content will appear here?

The other day, Alex Hilton, editor of Labourhome posted that
A former Cabinet Minister is rumoured to be prepared to stand as a stalking horse candidate to trigger a leadership election if Brown loses the expenses vote tonight.

I have phoned this MP seeking confirmation of his position but he has not yet returned my call.
Now obviously, depending on which way you look at it, Brown didn't lose that vote as such, so things have moved on slightly, however, its interesting to note that Alex has also posted saying that he's playing around with a new Content Management System.

The new site has a banner that says "Reform Labourhome" but the domain Alex has set up is actually just Now I'm not drawing any conclusions from this, but the domain sees to have much wider uses, and it doesn't really fit very well with the idea that it's just about changing LabourHome does it?


Houdini said...

Hilton is a horrible little shit, as most will know before he went quiet about a year ago, but now sees himself as the new banner carrier since Draper was outed.

He is Draper with a big nose, and sneakier without any cojones.

Ironically my word verification is 'shifer' ...back stabber, lol.

Anonymous said...

Will Dolly be running ReformLabour?

Life has been quite boring without Dolly around. It's like a circus without its clown. Or a village without its idiot (no, no, that's perhaps a position better reserved for the monocular Scottish One).