Wednesday, February 11, 2009

They're so vain! I bet they think this post is about them!

Have just stumbled upon something truly hilarious. The Labour Campiagn Shop has a section which sells photos of its MPs and PPC for either £10 or £20 a time and makes them available for download.

Interestingly, of the Cabinet, Hilary Benn, Ed Miliband, David Miliband, Alan Johnson, John Denham, Jack Straw, Shaun Woodward, Douglas Alexander and Alistair Darling are not available (shame!).

Now, putting aside the rather amusing vanity of the whole thing, the shop states,
You will receive an email with download instructions once payment is cleared. There is a limit of maximum 10 downloads within 7 calendar days after the point of purchase.
Alternatively you could just download one and then copy it lots and lots for as long as you like. Will still cost you at least a tenner though. Heaven knows why they've bothered with such an idiotic restriction.


Plato said...

As ever no idea about what the little people can do all by themselves!

And what ugh pix too - what on earth would possess anyone to pin of these troglodytes to their bedroom wall?

Gareth said...

Pin them to a dartboard!

Looking at the illustration before reading the text I wondered if it was a spoof 'pay for legislation' online shop.

Houdini said...

What sort of cretin would pay a tenner for a picture of a politician anyway?

Unless of course you are planning to fiddle the donations system, stay anonymous and download 500,000 of them?

Alex said...

I guess these photos are for any newspapers or conference organisers who want a phot but don't want the fuss and bother of sendinga photographer, but it is symptomatic of the Labour Party that they should ask others to pay for their own publicity.

As for overprinting the thumbnail pictures, do they really think anybody is going to take thir mesly 50x50 images? If they were it wouldn't be to hard to wipe out the overprinting. A standard technique is to take the Fourier transform, blur any rehgular patterns and tramsform the blurred image and hey presto, the over printing will have gone.

Chris said...

Alas their thumb nailing script isn't as badly written as the photographers that covered my school leaver's ball. instead of paying £7 a photo I just tweaked the image source URL a bit to completely remove the watermark from each of the shots I wanted!

Anonymous said...

this is really ancient news. there's no alistair darling have you noticed? i think i saw that in a paper

dizzy said...

Did I say it was new news?

The first rule is we don't talk about the Medusa club for gentlemen said...

There was once a Yahoo group that involved posting pictures of ex partners to a forum. The pictures would then be printed and soiled with various bodily fluids by members of the forum.
Camera pictures were then posted.
I checked and it seems to have gone which is a shame, might have been worth a tenner to see someone shat on David Milliband's face.