Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Death by Urine Injection

The mind boggles at this strange world we live in.
A Bolivian woman has died from an injection of urine allegedly administered by her friend as a form of health therapy, a prosecutor said Tuesday. Investigating prosecutor Oscar Flores told The Associated Press that 35-year-old Gabriela Ascarrunz died Saturday of an "infection caused by urine that was injected by fashion designer Monica Schultz."

Local newspapers reported that Schultz, who is known across Bolivia for her clothing lines, is a practitioner of urine therapy — a form of alternative medicine using human urine for cosmetic purposes or to treat various diseases. Some people rub it on their skin, while others inject or drink it.
AP News


Curbishlyauto said...

Coprophilia is something you may want to look up, but, no pun intended, you may want a strong stomach.

Anonymous said...

They're meant to take the piss, not give it!


Jabba the Cat said...

Well, I guess she won't be taking the piss again?

Barnacle Bill said...

I think our glorious unelected Leader could do with this sort of therapy.
It might be more humane than the death by a thousand cuts he seems to be inflicting upon himself at the moment.

Ed said...

Is there a comedian in the house?

DARWEN REPORTER, Linda Preston said...

It must be one of those "fashionable" new age fads.


Thatsnews said...

This is exactly what Gordon Brown has been doing to the UK.

The Penguin said...

Meanwhile in India extreme Hindus are planning to market a new rival to Pepsi and Coke made from cow piss.

True. Apparently.

The Penguin