Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Come fly with me! - part deux

Some more interesting stuff on the air miles covered by the varying Government depatments. HMRC seem to do a hell of lot of domestic flying compared toeveryone else - must be all those management consultants they pay hundreds of millions too I guess.

Graph and Hansard spotting courtesy of Croydonian.


Consulting insider said...

The consultants' business model is to assign as many bodies as possible to staff these big govt IT, infrastructure and "transformation" projects. Once in, the consulting partners are incentivised to "sell on" further work or secure an extension to the contract. The clients who approve this often comprise ex-consultants, would-be senior consulting staff, or technically incompetent civil servants / politicos, for whom being "seen as doing something" is a key career-enhancing requirement. All of which throws objectivity, value for money and benefit to the taxpayer onto the scrapheap.

Oldrightie said...

"objectivity, value for money and benefit to the taxpayer onto the scrapheap"

Isn't that what Labour Government is all about?

Norfolk Blogger said...

It does not surprise me. A friend of mine is a senior HMRC inspector and trainer for new inspectors and he has to fly to Edinburgh and the North West each week. It makes complete sense for him to do this as a drive to Edinburgh makes no logical sense.