Friday, January 30, 2009


All I could think about was Trigger Happy TV and the classic "HELLO! I'M ON THE TRAIN!" moment when I heard that awful bloody ringtone on Brown's mobile.

The Prime Minister has a Nokia that must be at least ten years old. This is presumably because he breaks them so often he's just being sent refurbs by his service provider.


Richard said...

I reckon this was a PR plant. It is the most popular video on the BBC website today, and makes him look more human. I just don't believe that Brown would forget to turn his phone off or put it on silent, or even carry one himself.

trevorsden said...

Perhaps he should have a word with Obama.

And if Obama needs to have some special high security Blackberry - how come our own POM gets away with some crummy Nokia (like mine)

How easy is it to hack into a mobile phone call.

Houdini said...

Completely deliberate, like the 'trouser in the sock' ply. Designed to give a light moment when he thought it could turn nasty. PR plant is right and an easy way to diffuse a difficult situation. Brown's did it a few times and it's an old trick.

Alfred T Mahan said...

I agree with Richard. There's no trace of annoyance or surprise - or guilt, for that matter - in Brown's manner as the phone rings. If it was unintentional, we'd surely see some embarrassment.

Thatsnews said...

Yes, Richard, that's what I think. A PR Stunt.

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