Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What is 'in Government'

Splendid cock-up from David Aaronvitch in this morning's Times. On the question of taking people who carry knives to see stab victims in hospital he said that 'no one in Government was suggesting any such thing'.

Meanwhile a few pages previously the following transcript from Jacqui Smith on Sky on Sunday is quoted where she is asked, 'one of those proposals is that people caught carrying knives should be taken to see people in hospital who have been stabbed, or to meet th familes of victimes, is that correct?'. Her response? 'It is'.

I guess it is possible that Aaronovitch doesn't consider the Home Secretary to be a position 'in Government'.


Howard said...

I gave up with Aaronvitch when he left the Indy. The guy is a real turn coat and how anyone with his background can work for Murdoch is beyond me. He does too much of New Labour's bidding and is not worth a read.

Everyone knows that Smith had to do U turn because Brown did not back her comments up.

McSweeney said...

Slight misrepresentation. He says no-one is suggesting that perpetrators are taken around casualty as the victims are being stitched up. He admits in the next sentence that government is suggesting that they be taken around the wards.

Perhaps this post should be entitled 'Dizzy cocks it up?'

Anonymous said...

Careful, mcsweeney. That sort of post could earn you an unsolicited late night phone call.

dizzy said...

yeah because 9pm is the middle of the night