Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kids are evil supporters of the arms trade... And Cameron too!

There are no stupid statements, just stupid people. Thus goes the lifted and slightly altered truism from South Park the Movie. And so it comes to pass today as I read Pandora in the Independent which notes that the anti-arms group, Campaign Against Arms Trade is not amused or happy with David Cameron.

Why? Well apparently he went to the Farnborough Air Show which they say is actually an arms fair, and this makes him a hypocrite on the subject of knife crime. Tell me, truthfully, and honestly, has anyone that wasn't a complete moron of the highest order ever considered a fun day out for kids and adults alike with candy floss, fairground rides and lots of cool aircraft showing off ever considered it an arms fair?

Of course, some of those 'sophisticated' types that do would probably consider this response a rabid reactionary Daily Mail one. Personally I prefer to say that it's a 'not living in cloud cuckoo land' response. Planes are cool and enjoying watching a Typhoon do crazy acrobatics does not make one complicit in the bombs they might drop expect in the dodgy world of idiot fallacious reasoning that so often goes hand in hand with single issue campaigns.


Anonymous said...

Cameron had better stay away from the Kitchen and Cookery section of the Homes and Garden show this year.

Perhaps we should all department stores, camping goods shops and cookware shops because after all they sell knives and ...oh god someone go round and stab the fuckwits at Campaigns Against Arms Trade. Please!

Andrew Ian Dodge said...

Those people are complete pacifist fools. Farnborough is actually an arms fair as well which happens before the public is let in. However Cameron should be there as quite a few jobs in the UK depend on military spending.

Letters From A Tory said...

So presumably Cameron can't go near sports matches (contains hooligans), inner cities (contains gangs), newsagents (contains porn) or London Zoo (contains captive animals)?

Not a sheep said...

To The "Independent" anything a Conservative does is suspicious and anything a Conservative Politician does is assumed to be EVIL. The BBC, The Guardian and The Independent are very very worried that a Conservative government may be elected at the next election, they will throw a lot of mud in the meantime to try and prevent this "calamity".

JuliaM said...

"The BBC, The Guardian and The Independent are very very worried that a Conservative government may be elected at the next election..."

Don't worry, folks. With Cameron in charge, that's the last thing it'll be...

Lola said...

Depends which Typhoon. if it was an airworthy version of the WW2 Hawker one, now that would be really cool.

And if you must have the politics bit, all the critics are berks.

Bill Quango MP said...

I took my 4 year old to the airshow. As you say we spent of the day at the funfair.. Saw the Harriers fly backwards and a P-51 mustang make some lazy -s turns.
She sat in the cockpit of an Apache helicopter [probably one of those ones that we bought that can't actually fly] and also sat in light combat vehicle.
we had raffle tickets and bought hot dogs and balloons and won a teddy.
But blow me if we didn't completely forget to purchase those Eurofighters that was the whole reason we went there. D'oh!!

[O/T but at a RNAS airbase the other week I saw a sign that many other public funded sectors could follow.

Imagine that at the HMRC.

IanT said...

What do those morons think of the Spitfire and Hurricane ?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but as someone who has just spent a week reading Mark Thomas's book 'As Used by the Famous Nelson Mandela', they have a point. This is weapon porn of the first order, and should not overlook the fact that the likes of British Aerospace get a free ride from the Government on bribery, corruption and a lot else. Just so that they can sell weapons to some dodgy regimes and throw in a few electro-shock batons into the contract as well.

You can dress it up however you like, but this is still the brain washing of the general public that the 'military-industrial' complex is above little things like morals and ethical behaviour.

If you think Cameron is much better than this, let us wait until he is in Government, and see if he tells the likes of the Hindujas to fuck the fuck off when they crawl to him for passports or other favours.