Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Free strawberries and cream at Parliament

How wonderfully civilised! The Parliamentary Information Technology and Communications department are having a jolly little summer party for all the staff and members before they go away (called "Setting You Up For the Summer").

Were I a terrible sysadmin cynic I might think they were trying to suggest that staff and members are not very wise to the world of basic IT security and really were setting them up, however I digress..

Just pop along to the Jubilee Room in Westminister Hall anytime between 10.30am and 4.30am and you can nab yourself a free encrypted memory stick, a remote access token (presumably RSA) and they'll even set your laptop up so you can use wireless connections to browse porn at Starbucks work on the move.

I should be fair and say that the freebie sticks are of a "limited number" and only members are allowed them (they don't get enough free stuff already after all (Hazel Blears should pick one up just in case she gets robbed for the thrid time)). After the freebies have gone they'll cost you £32.30 so they can't be very big capacity ones.

Still on the megaplus side, anyone attending gets to meet CESG which will be a barrel of laughs and they get free strawberries and cream too! Let's hope no one leaves they're laptop on a table and gets it nicked huh?

It does worry me that the PICT department seem terribly nice and helpful. I can only presume that after the party the techies will be swapping tales about what idiot MP said what to the other. Should any of them be reading this do let me know if someone said something stupid (like my coffee cup holder on my PC is not working anymore), I will sdo my best to be discreet.


Anonymous said...

Not for all the staff, Dizzy - just the staff of MPs.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone in Westminster actually pay for anything?

Anonymous said...

The House staff do, unless they work in the much vaunted new "members centre" in PCH atrium which seems a bit of a waste if time!