Monday, July 14, 2008

Do they watch whilst they drive?

Errrrr... really?
Mr. Maude: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport to what premium Sky, digital terrestrial or cable television channels (a) her Department and (b) each of its agencies subscribes; and at what yearly cost in the most recent period for which figures are available.

Jim Fitzpatrick: At the Department’s two main London HQ buildings CNN is received via Sky and Virgin Media (formerly NTL). Sky Sports is provided as an additional channel for Ministerial Drivers and is received via Sky. The total annual estimated cost in financial year 2007-08 was £9,357.
Shouldn't they be driving rather than watching the latest transfer gossip on a premium subscription channel?


Anonymous said...

Actually if we upgraded the drivers Sky subs to include some decent porn that might quickly reduce the number of MPs which couldn't be a bad thing?

marksany said...

Presumably they watch it in the interminable hours they spend stationary, waiting for the ministers' wives to finish having their hair done.

JuliaM said...

I presume it's so they have something to do while they are waiting for a pickup.

Couldn't they just bring a book...?

Alex said...

Only while they are driving in the building it would seem.

Anonymous said...

It seems reasonable to provide a TV set in the drivers' waiting room, as they presumably spend a lot of time waiting for jobs, but I can't see why a premium rate sports channel should be provided. Freeview or Freesat should be enough.

Shug Niggurath said...

Ah but it's not real money is it, it's just budget.