Monday, May 19, 2008

Bzzzzz... repetition of new!

I note that Matthew D'ancona over at the Coffee House is wondering if Brown is embracing "wiki-politics". And now we have a new Ask the PM section on Youtube where you can submit you're own video questions.
Gordon would never do well on Just a Minute though if he's going to insist on repeating words like "new": "I'm delighted to launch this new exciting new initiative" - quality

I;m thinking their is much scope for fun and hilarity here. They have no control over video responses after all, it could get very messy. As the Kaiser Cheifs would say, "I predict a riot!" (or a quiet but hasty retreat as Brown falls flat on his elbow yet again).


Anonymous said...

They have no control over video responses after all,

True, except FULL editorial control over which ones they display and respond to.

dizzy said...

Not strictly true. They have editorial contorl over what they display on their channel. But not on the main site.

Anonymous said...

I think it is Matthew D'ancona who has had something in his tea. Gordon still looks ANALogue to me.

Middle Englander said...

"Politions get a chance to ask questions during PMQs, and now it is your turn"

Does this mean that, unlike PMQs, he will actually answer the questions...

Tom said...

Have you had a look at the responses though?

They are clearly moderated, even down to ensuring there is a range of ethnicities/disabilities etc.

All the questions are pretty soft as well. Perhaps there is scope for a "real questions for the pm" channel in reaction.

haddock said...

"They should not contain any references to political parties or commercial endorsements, be aggressive or offensive...."
Bugger ! Why bother ?

Travis Bickle said...

BBC Breakfast Time this morning was a right classic, some bint giving it large about "middle class drinkers and units", then the Brown Party Politic Broadcast (you tube thingy) in full, then the Chelsea Global Warming (ex flower) show. 6 minutes in which the lefty Beeboids must have been knocking one off with pleasure.

Anonymous said...


Gordon tries to get down with the kids, but insists on No Political Questions!!! :-)

Read the small print

"Ask the PM” Rules of Engagement

Please ensure that your video is less than 30 seconds long.

You must be 13 years or above and submit your questions in English.

We’d like to hear primarily from UK residents, but we reserve the right to consider questions from all over the world.

Your video must be uploaded to before midnight on Saturday 21 June 2008.

Videos should broadly meet the same conditions as e-petitions as set out at Unlike e-petitions, however, we will accept lighter questions not necessarily linked to Government policy.

They should not contain any references to political parties or commercial endorsements, be aggressive or offensive, and are subject to the YouTube Terms of Use and associated policies, including the Community Guidelines. Videos that do not comply will be discounted.

Anonymous said...

Will only be answering top voted questions. No change here then.