Monday, May 19, 2008

Brown at Zeitgeist

At last Gordon Brown has actually delivered something without looking wooden. They need to get him to walk about a little less though I think.

Shame that he talked about the need to stand for flexible free markets without protectionism and thenhe started talking about "interventionist" politicians and seems to have forgotten that the EU is a huge protectionist racket. He did crack a good gag about "anti-globalisation" protesters.
Hat Tip: Coffee House
Update: Fraser Nelson has noted how the gags were the same rehashes even if they were funny.


Anonymous said...

omg its like hes giving hes speech on a ship, swaying from side to side. nothing wrong with it just i feel sea sick

total nosher said...

with the sound off he looks like he's watching tennis

Anonymous said...

yup, it took until 4:30 before he stopped swinging from one extreme to the other and look to the middle ground.

Common Agricultural Policy = Protectionism