Sunday, February 03, 2008

Quote of the Day

Love it.
"I do not suppose you will give me a ring back because you are an odious little bastard . . . You don't have the bottle to ring me back, do you, because you are a real little tosser. Why don't you join the fucking Tories, you odious little tosser."

- Former Labour councillor and husband of Labour's MP for Portsmouth North, Sarah McCarthy-Fry to a local councillor that had been nasty about his missus.
You'd have thought that he might try to be more creative and not just repeat the tosser insult though.


Tom FD said...

and "odious" (twice) and "little" (thrice! He must have "size" issues).

Unsworth said...

McCarthy-Fry has previously managed to endear herself to her constituents by her unguarded and ill-considered comments about the Armed Forces - remarkable for a lady who purportedly represents Portsmouth North.

Clearly her husband is of the same ilk.