Sunday, February 03, 2008

Tory MP publishes detailed expenses

Is it likely, with the news that Tory MP, Ben Wallace, has decided to publish a detailed breakdown of his expenses claims that other MPs will now follow suit? Something tells me they won't, not sure why but I just doubt that many of them will. Some of them will not want to because they think it is a witch hunt, others probably won't want to because if they do people might find out that they've been claiming for money to pay for things that they shouldn't have.

I see Derek Conway has also decided to hit back now, and claims that he did nothing wrong in paying his kids salaries for non-existent work, and that the reality was that it was just a plot "supported by some Tories, some of whom may well have had their own agenda". Notice there are no names though.

Meanwhile, the Mail on Sunday has news that Bob Spink MP may have questions to answer about the people he has employed at the taxpayers expense. And that Nicholas and Ann Winterton have been avoiding death duties with their expenses.



judith said...

Sorry Dizzy, you're wrong.

Stephen Hammond MP (Tory) was filmed, at his invitation, in his Westminster office, with his wife/secretary, and it was shown on BB1 the other night, can't remember if they broadcast salary details.

Lee Scott MP(Tory) offered sight of his expenses and accounts to his local newspaper some months ago, they didn't take him up on it. He reiterated his offer last week. His wife genuinely works as his secretary.

The News of the Screws and the Mail are obviously only interested in the MPs who won't answer, not the ones who are up front because they are honest.

dizzy said...

In what way am I wrong?

shadow minister for phil hendron said...

Dizzy, I think she meant you were wrong to say that most MPs won't 'follow suit' and publish their expenses.
Eventually most will, leaving the spotlight firmly on those that haven't.
In Conservative ranks that will leave them between uber-modernizers like me (already dusting off the thumb screws) and Guido Fawkes, your good self etc etc

dizzy said...

I didn't say most MP's won't follow suit. What puzzles me more is this current obsession with posting comments containing my name in them, more so when the surname is spelt wrong. It's Hendren with an 'e'. I'm assuming this is some sort of assumption that I am trying to hide my identity and posting a comment with the name in exposes me.

bring back dizzy tv said...

I speed read too much and hadn't noticed other people had used your name.
The reason I did it was I was watching old Doughty St stuff including the 'Greatest Hits' programme, one of the ones you were on and I was getting nostalgic. So I'm fully aware you don't hide your identity.
I found 'Dizzy Thinks' through Doughty St. I always liked your somewhat irreverent take on things in those old shows.
Whoops spelling, they might have got the spelling wrong on the Doughty graphic or I was speed reading again.

dizzy said...

No worries. I do occasionally do Sky News but I don't nomrally post a blog saying so. Perhaps I should.