Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Mystic Finkelstein

Earlier on this week, Danny Finkelstein wrote a hilarious piece in the Times that detailed the "Fiasco Checklist™" making the point that once the wheels fall off for a Government it's difficult for you stop the doors, wing mirrors, and other parts too. One of the things on the checklist was this,
Alan Milburn publishes a pamphlet urging more progress on public service reform. He says that he is just trying to be helpful.
Now shoot forward a few days to the Sunday Times and we have this. OK, so it's not a pamphlet, but it is Alan Milburn talking about John Howard's election loss in Australia but loaded with allusions to Brown.
"[Howard]thought he could overcome ‘time for change’ [the same slogan used by David Cameron’s Tories] by relying on the strength of the economy but he couldn’t come up with a compelling agenda for the future. After 11 years in office, people were bothered less by what had been achieved in the past and more about what his plans were for the future".
I'm sure Alan Milburn is just trying to be helpful. Stephen Byers article next then? Now, Danny, do you happen to know what next week's lottery numbers will be?

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Anonymous said...

Howard's plans for the future were much the same as his opponent who 'me-too'd' it through the campaign.
The major difference was the unions who paid for large TV adverts bad mouthing Howard.
Not surprising as he had helped put them out of business.