Sunday, December 02, 2007

Which one of these Labour MP's did Abrahams approach about a peerage?

According to the Mail on Sunday a Labour MP has told them that David Abrahams asked for a peerage in the central lobby a number of years ago. Clearly the Mail on Sunday are not to bothered about protecting the identity of the Labour MP as they say he is a "a Knight of the Realm and highly-respected Westminster figure".

A knighted Labour MP you say? Well that narrows the field down to what? Three?
  • Sir Stuart Bell (Middlesborough) Alan Johnson backer
  • Sir Gerald Kaufmann (Manchester, Gorton)
  • Sir Peter Soulsby (Leicester South) HIlary Benn backer
My money is on Stuart Bell simply because he represents a North-East seat. It's interesting the number of stories in the papers today that appear to be attacks on Abrahams. At a time when the spotlight is on movers and shakers in Government, the motivation to redirect the attention on to Abrahams must be strong. Whichever MP it is I'm sure they'll be pleased when they read the MoS story and then the phone starts ringing from other hacks wanting confirmation and/or more details.
List of MPs


dougal said...

My money would be on Kaufman, for more than one obvious reason.

Cox says said...

It all seems to come from the NE. The Tories won't directly benefit in the NE from these scandals, Labour will only lose their support to the LibDems.

Geoff said...

dougal, it can't be Kaufman because the report clearly says "highly-respected".

Curly said...

It all seems to be a daft game to me.

Diogenes said...

I knew there had to be a Knight in there somewhere.

We already had a queen, a set of pawns, a bishop and a sacrifice as an opening gambit.

If we can just find the rook the King will surely resign.

tapestry said...

'highly respected'? There aren't any.

jailhouselawyer said...

I was beginning to suspect that perhaps Abrahams was after a K or P...

Mostly Ordinary said...

I get the feeling Abrahams is pissed on and stringing a good line in bullshit. Given the Labour are in a faster spin cycle than a Dyson and Abrahams appears to be Walter Mitty I don't trust anything any of them say.

dynamite said...

Soulsby isn't senior and probably wouldn't have been in Parliament then - agree that Bell is the best bet.

Croydonian said...

Worth noting that Bell is also very wealthy - and not just by the standards of Labour MPs. He's a Lloyds Name and has been for years.

And check out his hideous, and IE-dependent website.

Shug Niggurath said...

Who is really surprised that the venom is being redirected to Abrahams... simply the tactic they've used for the last 10 years, smear smear smear. Great when he was giving hundreds of thousands, now? They have to give that all back so he's totally expendable.

Hain atually done worse I reckon. He took 5000 and shut his mouth till he knew his bank account would be getting audited.

Either way apparently the government expressed dismay about corruption in Russia today... have they really NO shame!

Gareth said...

Speaking of Hain, he made a sizeable donation to the Labour Party recently. Of the MPs that stood for Deputy Leader all but Cruddas have made donations.

Mr Alan Johnson 31/07/07 £ 10,199.00
Ms Hazel Blears 08/08/07 £ 11,159.00
Mr Peter Hain 18/09/07 £ 11,550.00
Mr Hilary Benn 31/07/07 £ 5,088.75
Ms Harriet Harwoman 20/09/07 £ 6,727.65

Leftovers from campaign funds? If so surely the Harwoman wouldn't have contributed.

Anonymous said...

Sir Stuart was once a Newcastle Councillor and would have know David Abrahams from there