Sunday, December 02, 2007

News of the World confused over Mr Smith

This morning's News of the World will not make pleasant reading for Brown. Not only do they have an ICM poll that confirms an 11 point lead for the Conservative Party, but they have detailed yet another property developer donor where donations and planning appear to follow each other like night follows day.

There is a minor detail problem with the story though. It says of the developer, John Milligan that he is "a trustee of the Adam Smith Institute, Mr Brown's favourite think-tank". I think they meant to say the Smith Institute.


nadds said...

As Mr Bean didn't actually have a leadership contest and campaign, where'have all the "campaign contributions" gone?

Chuck Unsworth said...

Heaven knows what they meant to say, but it's certainly what they should have said...

Since when has accuracy been important to the NoW, anyway?