Friday, December 07, 2007

Minister scapegoats civil servant in advance

Not content with never taking the ultimate can for bad events after the fact, the Government has now decided it would be far easier to scapegoat the relevant civil servant in advance of any potential catastrophe.

Thus when the Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, Ed Balls was asked "what reviews have been undertaken by external consultants of the security measures proposed for the ContactPoint [children's] database", the response from his minion, Kevin Brennan was as follows,
ContactPoint has been subject to scrutiny at key stages throughout its development. My Department’s own Chief Security Officer—external to and independent from the project, has checked the Security Policy, the security architecture, and our risk assessment, and found them to be appropriate.
I bet the Chief Security Officer is absolutely delighted that he has been given advance warning that in the event of failure it will be him - not his boss - that will be a public pariah.

Evidently we have reached a new zenith in the world where minsters no longer take accountability for things that go tits up. Now they're not taking responsibility for things might go tits up instead.


Atlas shrugged said...

Sorry but you cant make statements like that without mentioning the elephant in the kitchen the living room and the bedroom.

That gos by the name of the BB fucking C. Or at least it does in my house every time I by accident end up watching even two seconds of its intelligence insulting propaganda.

Because with out the help of the most dishonest, high masonic based, party politically bias, state broadcasting organization ever known in the democratic world, bar none.

This government would never have got elected the way, or when it did.

Even if New Labour had managed it eventually. If the BBC had been scrutinizing this government the way they used to the last conservative one. Most of the cabinet and two Labour prime minister would already be doing long stir. Or more to the point this government might have not felt so confident to take the proverbial absolute piss so much or so often.

As for Sky and the press, the less said about them the better. But then, whats better, never stopped me doing anything.

A free press is the key to a free country. The entire media has shown itself over the last ten years especially, to be completely unfit for purpose.

We must all make a point of believing nothing in the press or on the box ever again.

Unless its the football results and preferably only if confirmed by other publications and eye witness reports from personal friends.

It is difficult to know what is more dangerous to life liberty and prosperity. A devoutly evil 3 term socialist dictatorship or the British MSM that put them there and keeps them there.

Anonymous said...

Atlas, you forgot to mention the lizards.