Saturday, December 08, 2007

Will the fear of being in Opposition end Brown's leadership?

This morning Ben Brogan has news that the "Blairite versus Brownite" battle is still lingering on. It would appear that the former Prime Minister's supporters are briefing that Brown has until the May elections to sort out the hole Labour has found itself in. If those elections go bad then there could be a leadership push.

This doesn't seem all that strange to me, it stands to reason that Labour will see how Brown performs at the ballot box before they take the knives out totally. The key to remember is all those MPs that have marginal seats or can see their job going down the swanny with a small swing to another party.

As a "former Minister" (Milburn, Clarke, Byers you choose) said to Ben Brogan, "[t]hose who were elected in 1997, 2001 and 2005 have never known Opposition and find the prospect terrifying." I bet they do, because if they're "young" (I'm thinking Ed Balls) they will know that the prospect is to be reaching a zenith in the Labour Party when you're not in power.


Barnacle Bill said...

Hopefully the likes of Balls (Mr & Mrs) and - insert any name you like here - will have lost their seats.
So we will not be supporting such tossers in opposition, as well as now!

mitch said...

The prospect of blinky ever having real power is truly scary.Imagine your future in the hands of him,millivolt and wendys brother and tell me you feel safe.

comfy socks and Co-op rum said...

It's Blair and his followers that got the Labour Party into this bloody mess in the first place. Ignore them all Gordon, and those you are in a position to sack, do so and now. Do it Gordon, rid us and yourself of anything that looks Blairite . Remember you have a couple of years to ruin the ambitions of your enemies, let them know it, and watch them fall into line.