Friday, December 07, 2007

Does anyone know what she does?

Isn't it funny, you do a post about a failure to answer questions by one Minister, and then one on an MP and her failure to declare funding accurately, and then you suddenly learn that the MP has been failing to answer questions too. Last week, Mark Harper MP, the Shadow Minister for Disabled People, tabled a number of questions to Peter Hain at the DWP about Barbara Follett and her role as Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Equality.

The questions asked what her Ministerial responsibilities are; whether Hain's department is responsible for (a) her Ministerial wage and (b) providing her ministerial support; and finally whether Hain had discussion with multi-job Harman about her Ministerial role and Ministerial support. The questions were tabled for answer on Monday, and were finally answered by Barbara Follet yesterday. Apparently
The Government Equalities Office is a Government Department in its own right; support services are currently provided by the Department for Work and Pensions. Barbara Follett supports the Minister for Women and Equality (Ms Harman) across the range of equalities issues.
So what does she do? I'm still none the wiser. Who pays her? Does anyone know? More importantly, why is she answering questions about herself in the third person?

Given that she's been in role for five months you'd think someone somewhere might know what department was paying her, but it seems not. Sounds like she's not just wasting taxpayer money, she's a waste of space too.

If you're wondering how the "Equalities Office" actually works I suggest reading the Prime Minister's statement. It's about as clear as a puddle of mud.


Anonymous said...

Surely this kind of information should be accessible to the public? The lack of accountability with taxpayers fund continues to astonish and anger me.

ten more years said...

Always top of my anger list. Need to worry about important things fella, like have any little old ladies who always vote Tory turned out to be this buffoon who is causing Gordon and the lads a bit of trouble. Dave may yet regret being rude to our P.M. I do hope so, he's a bloody bully and not fit to be the leader of the Tory Party. You need someone of the intellect and compassion of Gordon.

Elby the Berserk said...

Equality eh? So who is the Minister for Men?

10 more years. You are taking the piss yes? If not, then seek immediate medical attention, you are a sick man

Atlas shrugged said...

Could some one remind me why so many now call the Conservative party the Tory party. Because it has not been that for well over 100 years.

Oh yes don't bother I know why. Its because the BBC started calling them that back in the early eighties as a term of abuse.

Note also that the BBC started calling the old Labour Party The New Labour party as soon as the new name was invented.

But then we all know the BBC is a masonic based NWO organization who's only real mission is to divide and rule the nation, if not the world, though subversive and semi covert propaganda, or don't we?