Friday, December 07, 2007

Follett changes her story three years on

Yesterday I posted about Barbara Follett and her husbands comments and linked to The Hutsman's sterling work. Follett then issued a statement essentially saying that because the money was from a joint account it wasn't a donation.

However, The Huntsman has done more sterling work here noting that Follett's statement directly contradicts a previous statement from 2004 where she said in relation to her huge parliamentary expenses that "£102, 673 was met by Ken". Make your mind up Babs! Either Ken does donate, or he does not, you cannot have it both ways.

It's worth noting that this wife of a multi-millionaire claims mortgage relief too. Have they no shame?

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Atlas shrugged said...

No they have no shame.

Its one thing to have supported New Labour when you were stupid enough to believe anything they said in opposition.

But to support them after 10 years of deliberate vandalism wide spread endemic corruption and utter and complete failure in every thing they touch, is quite another thing entirely.

It shows that they actually like living in a disfunctional Fascist dictatorship. Where ordinary hard working people are treated like cash cows when not being used and abused like dependent slave sheep.

If they cared about their reputations, which they are clearly so god damned rich they no longer need to. They would have stopped subsidizing this New Fascist party of not so great anymore Britain, two elections ago.

I think it is wise to worry about any political donations over £2000 from anyone or any body however rich. I have been a Conservative party member and activist on and off for 30years. The most I have ever given to the wankers is $25 and I am in no way poor. Even if I won the lottery jackpot tomorrow they would not get more then a bulls eye at best.

If a politician cant make his own money in this country its best you don't help put the incompetent dishonest lazy child in the sweet shop all by himself, anyway.