Wednesday, December 22, 2010

So much for "Ed's Pledge"

Following on from yesterday's post I was mildy amused to read the following on Ed Miliband's website
"I pledge that if I am elected leader of the Labour Party I will campaign for Labour’s Minimum Wage Act to be fully enforced so that employers must pay their interns what they are due."
It tickled me you see when placed next to this job advert for interns on the "Labour Yes" campaign that Ed Miliband has endorsed,

We are currently looking for interns to help with this campaign... Internships will be unpaid but successful candidates will receive a daily lunch allowance and travel expenses within London (zones 1-6).
Good to see Ed is capable of practicing internally what he preaches for externally ain't it?

Update: Even members of Ed's own front bench shadow Health team are advertising for unpaid interns.

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