Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Serious errrr victory for Sunny Hundal and "hacktivism"?

You may or may not have spotted this, but back on December 12th, Sunny Hundal, Editor of Liberal Conspiracy and self-proclaimed "hacktivist" put out a call to his comrades, Get ‘Liar Liar’ viral to Xmas no.1; out today!.
Liberal Conspiracy was the first to publish Captain Ska’s Liar Liar video in October this year.

It’s now gotten over 100,000 views on YouTube, and there’s a campaign to get the song as the Christmas no. 1. It is released today on iTunes. The viral hit will go head-to-head against the X-factor winner for the number one slot.

All proceeds from the sale of “Liar Liar” will go to charities helping victims of the cuts. Assuming a 79p sale price, Crisis (23p each time), Disability Alliance (23p), our campaign site False Economy (16.5p) and Women’s Health Matters (16.5p) will benefit.
Now, putting aside the utterly idiotic belief that 100% of the sale price of a song on iTunes goes to the artist, how did this little "hacktivist" campaign against the evil baby-eating bastard cutting Government get on?

Did it smash it's way to the top and beat that other bastard Simon Cowell with his "not proper music"? Ermmm, no. The "viral" campaign to get to the Christmas Number One, managed to get to Number 89.

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