Friday, November 26, 2010

Some more lefty hypocrisy

Following on from the last post, which was essentially about how some left wing bloggers complain about things they then themselves do, I just wanted to raise another case in point. The other day, Tim Ireland of Bloggerheads, posted the following to Twitter,
Sarah Palin summed up in a single image
The link takes you to a blog with an animated gif on loop of Sarah Palin pulling a silly face.

Now, it's quite obvious what the implication here is meant to be(1), that Sarah Palin is a mentally deficient retarded tool(2). Basically that she should probably be taking part in the Special Olympics rather than high politics.

Now, just imagine for a second what would happen if I, or some other right-wing blogger posted an animated loop of Ed Miliband or some other lefty looking like a bit of retarded nutter and said it summed them up. The reaction would be that we were,

(a) shamelessly using the serious subject of mental deficiency to smear someone, and
(b) showing our true colours about what a nasty bunch of evil cunts(3) we really are.
I do believe the idiom "practice what you preach" may apply here.

(1) I did email Tim for comment but he's ignoring me
(2) Quite possibly true.
(3) Apologies for using a rude word this early in the morning.

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