Friday, November 26, 2010

Hyperbole of the Day: Sunny Hundal

Sunny Hundal, Editor of Liberal Conspiracy, seems to be featuring alot these days on my blog. To be fair this is because Sunny constantly complains about hysterical reporting and hyperbole in the right wing press and then proceeds to engage in it himself with hilarious results. Yesterday was a good example, where he said in relation to student protests,
Police action yesterday was just short of totalitarian
Methinks Sunny needs to put the koolaid down and take a quick reality check on totalitarianism - either that or we must accept that he's just a bit of a cock.

Seriously, Sunny, pop off to North Korea for a while and have a lok at what totalitarianism is. Actually, if you can't afford that then go and buy a history book on the Soviet Union, paying particular attention to the purges and terror under Stalin.

Then we move onto today, and Sunny's publication of a video with the title Shocking video: when police charged into students on horses. Sunny tells us to go 1 minute in, at which point we see, in the distance, a group of Police horses cantering along the street and the people in the foreground, quite oddly, running out of the way.

Now, if we had aerial footage we might be able to tell with certainty if they were running into people, but from the video posted, there is no way you can say this was a "charge". We then witness a horse trotting quite slowly with a camera shoved in its face. Amusingly Sunny then says,

There’s been no mention of police using horses at all in the media.
OMFG! No mention of it!?!?! Come on Sunny, stop taking people for fools, you live in London, and you know full well that mounted police, even when there is not a protest wander around Westminster. The reason it wasn't reported is because it's nothing new or unusual.

It can't be long now before Sunny compares the UK to Nazi Germany, can it?

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