Monday, June 07, 2010

Labour spent £51K on fancy bins....

The headline says it all really, but this post really only exists because I saw this on Twitter,

Shocking huh? Well shocking if it was true, but if you click the link you go to a BBC News story which says,
Defra says the cost was justified. The 2007 report, which has been deposited in the House of Commons library, argues the case for getting rid of bins beneath civil servants' desks in favour of centralised "recycling stations" on every floor.
Spot the problem, yes, that's right, the report is from 2007, October 2007 in fact and can be downloaded here.

So, far from it being a waste by the "ConDem" Government as "Tweet4Labour2 would have people believe it's actually evidence of the complete insanity and profligate wastefulness of the last Labour Government.

Should we be surprised?

Amusingly, "Tweet4Labour" is adamant that because the BBC report was published today it must be referring to spending since the Government was formed.

Never let the actual words in the BBC report, or the actual DEFRA report itself get in the way of the truth huh?

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