Monday, June 07, 2010

Dear BBC Radio 4....

As someone who drives to work each morning, traffic news can be quite important. There is, after all, nothing worse than finding yourself stuck on the motorway when you could have gone round the problem had you know about it. Not a problem though really, just listen to the radio and you can hear where the problems are. Not, however, if you choose to listen to the Today programme on BBC Radio 4.

Listening to Today will get you the news, the headlines, the sport, the weather, racing tips and all manner of things but not a general overview of what major things might be going on on the main roads of the UK. Likewise, if you listen to PM, the other news show at the other end of the "rush hour" day you won't know about traffic issues unless it's some sort of multi-car pileup like the 1991 M4 crash which then becomes "news".

Of course, you could configure your radio to automatically switch to local commercial radio traffic reports, but the interruptions can ebcome irritating. Isn't it about tiome that the two flagship current affairs shows on Radio 4 (listened to by a vast number of drivers), start having some sort of high level motorway traffic reports in their news bulletins?

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