Friday, March 19, 2010

A perfect storm or a light shower?

So today is crunch day for the BA strike. Some think it will be called off at the last minute. If it is, then you can guarantee that Gordon Brown, who as we all remember, "saved the world" will try to claim credit for it whatever his role may be.

The problem is, he has another strike looming too, the RMT and there nutty Trotsykite leadership are now threatening a total national strike that will halt the railways completely for the first time in 16 years.

From the frying into the fire?

The thing is, what will be the impact if the BA strike doesn't get called off and then the RMT take out the national railways over Easter too? It is, to use the cliche a "perfect storm". Total travel chaos bringing Britain to a halt. What would the gridlock knock-on effect on the roads.

Of course it could all just turn into a light drizzly shower, but if the Unions continue to flex their muscles, can Gordon Brown - the man who leads a party totally reliant on Union funding* for it's financial survival - credibly face them down?

* Whilst the RMT is not like Unite in terms of Labour funding, its the word "unions" that will chime with people and "guilt by association" as it were.

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