Friday, October 23, 2009

The Prude Campaign

Ever heard of the Front Page Campaign? I heard about it via an EDM signed by various prudes in Parliament. The campaign says "Children and young people are routinely being exposed to pornography in the UK. This has to STOP!", simple yes? Actually no, it's not.

You see, this is not about a concern with kids seeing the cover of Mayfair, Razzle, or a variety of Richard Desmond titles with the exclusion of the Express (although it does do Diana/Maddie porn in a way). No, this is about the front covers of magazines like Loaded and FHM, and even women's magazine that contain articles on vibrators (an important issue for many women I imagine).

Apparently, the two magazines below are "pornographic" and should be inside plastic covers like proper porno mags, and what's more they should have age ratings on titles like this to stop "children" being able to buy them - not that I've ever seen a child i.e. younger than a teenager buy one.

I wonder whether they'll start campaigning to ban the Bible from Sunday Schools as well. After all, it's got incest and all sorts of depravity in it.

P.S. Aren't Keeley and Gemma lovely?

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