Friday, October 23, 2009

Practising what you preach?

First up, apologies for the lack of posts, I have been otherwise indisposed. Now that's cleared up, here's an interesting press release from the energy regulator Ofgem, an agency that sits under the remit of the Department for Energy and Climate Change. It relates to restructuring to meet climate change carbon targets.

This was something that was followed up by Ofgem at the beginning of this month in a report in the Guardian which said Ofgem had said the private sector was failing to deliver on its climate change commitments and so about £200bn was needed.

"Bloody private sector! Only caring about profit, never caring about the trees" I hear you say. "The public sector is doing it all it can whilst the fat cat capitalists sit on their arses!" Anyhow, putting those self-0evident truths about public versus private aside, I also wanted to show you the following, its the official Display Energy Certificate from the Government for Ofgem's Head Office in Millbank.

Need I say more?...... Oh alright then! Here's the Energy Display Certificate for the head office of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority - they're another agency of the Department for Energy and Climate Change, also know as the department that's trying to come up with ways to tax us poor sods for being horrible climate haters.

Before you ask, yes the Department itself is also a failure, but I posted about that back in March here.
Source: House of Commons Library

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