Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Scrap EDMs

I was waiting to post about this after I got back from my travels so here goes. My good friend, Jonathan Sheppard, of Tory Radio, has set up a new campaign website which I wholeheartedly support, called Scrap EDMs.

It's pretty straightforward, Jonathan, like me, thinks Early Day Motions are largely a waste of time and money, and in many respects exist only to give MPs a sense of doing something.

To paraphrase Yes Minister, politician logic follows a simple course. Something must be done! This is something! Therefore we must do it! That sums up quite nicely the Early Day Motions and the approach to them by certain MPs.

Jonathan has been emailing MPs asking for their views on scrapping the system, or at least reforming it so it doesn't waste so much of our money, and some of the responses have been, to say the least amusing.

Whilst some MPs have said they support the idea others have been less sympathetic. For example, the Lib Dem MP for Colchester, Bob Russell, said,
"I have no idea who you are, or what has prompted you to promote this attack on the work of Back Bench Members of Parliament..... My postbag shows that constituents take a keen interest in EDMs. It is a way in which citizens can relate to, and communicate with, their own MP"
Work Bob? Stop talking bollocks old stick. It doesn;t require work to have your researcher put your name against some words that don't even have to be debated.

As for suggesting people have a "keen interest in EDMs", that's not just bollocks, it's bullshit too. Go and do a straw poll in the street Bob and ask your constituents if they even know what an EDM is and I'm willing to bet you 20 quid they'll give you a blank look.

I suggest bookmarking Scrap EDMs to see what other MPs say. hopefully, the campaign can, for "shits and giggles" get an EDM tabled that points out that EDMs are a complete waste of money.

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