Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Ann Cryer MP has delusions of grandeur

Following on from he last post about the Scrap EDMs campaign, I bring you a marvellous example of not only a motion that is a waste of money, but a motion that shows just how delusionally Freudian some MPs can be.

Ann Cryer MP, who continues to lead the EDM Signature Whores® Top Ten now having her signature against 1412 motions, has tabled a motion that praises the naming of a train carriage as Ann. Oh yes she does.
That this House congratulates the working volunteer members of the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway Preservation Society's Carriage and Wagon Department on five years of extremely skilled work refurbishing Pullman Car number 83 which resulted in this magnificent vehicle being brought back into service on 20 June 2009 with the name of Ann.
Utterly pointless, but hey, Peter Bottomley signed it (no surprise there).

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