Thursday, June 04, 2009

Labour MP calls for maximum wage?

Is it just me or is the MP for Sherwood, Paddy Tipping, a complete fool?
Paddy Tipping (Sherwood) (Lab): I beg to move, that leave be given to bring in a Bill to prescribe the maximum wage that can be paid; and for connected purposes....Outside the Westminster village, away from the political classes, there is a growing demand for openness, fairness and justice, and we should listen and respond to it. So how would we set a maximum wage? There is a simple solution. We could say to everybody that no one should receive more than the Prime Minister—£194,000 a year....If we are sensible, we need to link the minimum wage to the maximum wage. For example, there is a strong case for arguing that the maximum wage should be 10 times the minimum wage. Based on £5.60 an hour, that would give a maximum wage of £120,000.
Seriously, they want to tax the rich and now they want to cap how much people are paid on the basis of the Prime Minister being the highest paid job in the land? Hilarious to see him talk about sensible in the same breath as this lunatic fringe idea.
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Alex said...

The cap as a multiple of the minimum wage that the French had for many years. The socialists wanted a 7x cap, the commmunists wanted a 5x cap.

First Time Caller said...

What planet are these people on? It's enough to make you tremble with rage. Fortunately there are plenty of people out there who are better at their jobs than the Prime Minister has proven at his. I know that this man won't be taken seriously, but still, the fact that someone with such a flimsy take on reality gets elected to Parlaiment!

Lola said...

Communist twat. It beggars belief that anyone could be so totally clueless as to hold these sorts of views. I suppose that there is just no accounting for the specturm of sanity that is mankind. And long may it be so. Without nutters like this at one or other end of the sanity spectrum the sane would have no idea where they are.

And like Milligan, I am know I'm sane. I have the cetificate to prove it.

Anonymous said...

Makes sense in a communist country. Someone has to decide on the wages people get since there is no free market.

Unknown said...

More, more, more!

The more airtime that idiots like Paddy Tipping get, the better for the country. In fact, I reckon he should succeed Gordon.

Off to the bookies!

Anonymous said...

I can only echo Paul Beresford's response?

I shall certainly not call a vote, but this has to be one of the daftest ideas that I have heard in this House, and we specialise in them on occasion.

Dave said...

Out here in the real world the minimum wage is actually the maximum wage in a lot of jobs- retail for instance.
A friend worked for W*terstones until recently. He had to open the store, do the banking and all the security when the manager was on a day off, and be rewarded with the minimum wage for his effort.
That's why we're angry. And they just don't get it.

Mark M said...

No worries. It only needs a 7% swing to get rid of this communist.

Sackerson said...

Well, he IS the MP for Sherwood Forest, so what would you expect?

Bryan Dunleavy said...

Put MPs and staff on minimum wage and everybody outside Parliament on maximum wage. That should do the trick.

Stepney said...

We need more exposure of people like this twat.

What on earth would the masses do if all the Premiership Footy players left the country? And half the rugby players? And what's this? No Eastenders? No Top Gear? No Corrie? Who else has gone? Surgeons, and authors, and musicians and journalists...well actually, the latter might be a good idea. I bet the Quango leaders and Union bosses are just going to love him. They just love taking pay cuts.

He certainly gets my vote for twat of the week.

I mean about 25,000 people thought it was a good idea voting for this prize arse.


Sam Duncan said...

Even some commentators here don't get it. It's not just the totally illiberal idea of a maximum wage, it's the proposal that nobody should earn more than the Prime Minister. Who the hell do they think he is? The PM is the head of the government, nothing more, nothing less. He is not an elected Monarch, or some kind of National Leader.

Now, a maximum wage formula for the PM, that's a different matter. How about twice the level of the State Pension?

Anonymous said...

So if an employer wants to pay a man £250,000 then he needs a way round the law. Paying the man £194,000 in one employment and £56,000 for his work for a subsidiary company would surely get round this proposal which leaves the question - what's the point?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I don't know. Maybe there would be something to be said for no government, civil service or Quango employee being paid more than the Prime Minister.

Lola said...

sackerson. I presume that you're referring the Sherriff of Nottingham, not Robin Hood? Robin Hood was a true Libertarian, free marketeer, low taxer and observer of the rule of law.

R. Hood Esq. did not rob the rich to give to the poor, as commonly thought. He challenged the right of the state in the person of the S o N to raise arbitrary taxes on the populace and deny them rights to enjoy their own property and the rule of law. He also challenged the commercial mercantilist monopoly of his day, the Church, who existed on a combination of cartelised commercial revenue (selling pardons - rather like the Greens) and a state taxation franchise, the raising of tithes, and keeping the money and using it to bribe their own supporters rather than using it for providing health care and other community services for which it was intended (rather like New Labour). I do not recall him taking from honest merchants and traders.

It is a gross callumny that the lefty fascist historians have succeeded in bastardising Robin Hood's sainted memory as being anti rich. He wasn't. He was a rich man himself.

Liberal Polemic said...

Hang on a minute!

Wasn't the crux of the budget that they would raise much-needed extra revenue by increasing taxation on incomes over £150,000?

There's not going to be much extra money rolling in if the maximum wage is between £120,000 and £194,000.

Engage... brain... before... speaking!

Sackerson said...

@ Lola - well answered, I stand corrected.