Thursday, June 04, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Cyber-attack on Tories and Lib Dem sites?

At approximately 7.30 this morning the Conservative Party website was subjected to a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack caused by multiple source host machines on the Internet - presumably working as a remotely controlled bot-net. It is currently still running very slowly.

Currently, the Liberal Democrats website is also down, it simply states that the server is timing out at their network gateway, confirmation that they are subject to a DDOS is yet to be established but the timing is interesting.

The Labour Party website appears unaffected, as does UKIPs and the BNPS.

Update: The Lib Dems website is now, occasionally, just about managing to display an "Oops something is wrong" message. Am currently trying to contact Mark Pack but his phone is being very odd.

Update II: (09.44) Have just spoken to Mark Pack who said they are currently investigating what is going on. They have had some hiccups this week so he's not jumping to the conclusion that it is linked as yet, but he noted that it is certainly strangely coincidental.

Followed up by El Reg


Oldrightie said...

Stalin was observed leaving No 10 with a lap top and a bunch of goons?

the last remaining rag merchant said...

I notice that the Conservative website is also extremely slow at present, 10am Thursday June 4th.............................
how does Mandelson do it ????????

Unknown said...

the death rattle of Draper and McBride perhaps ?

IanVisits said...

The LibDem website started showing 503 errors early last night.

At the time I put it down to heavy pre-election traffic.

Am surprised it is still down after all this time though.

Tim said...

Politics Home website similarly unavailable.

Keep on digging Dizzy. Being an old cynic methinks there may be something suspicious behind this.

Dave B said...

The comments on the El Reg story suggest that this is 'big traffic meets little website' rather than a ddos, so a wake-up call for the admin.

Chase them up Dizzy!