Sunday, March 29, 2009

A little bit of anti-English sentiment

A motion mostly signed by Northern Irish MPs about the beautiful game.
That this House notes the controversy surrounding attempts to have a British football team entered for the Olympics in 2012; also notes Government support for such a venture; and expresses the wish that the Government will use whatever influence it has to ensure that television broadcasters, particularly national BBC and ITV, concentrate on delivering live coverage to national audiences of competitive games in World Cup and European Championship qualifying competitions involving international teams from across the UK rather than meaningless friendly games involving England.
Whilst I agree that meaningless friendlies are annoying, isn't there a BBC Scotland, a BBC Wales and a BBC Northern Ireland for those other games that you just know they're really talking about?

As much as I might relish the opportunity to see Scotland have their arses handed to them on a plate by the Dutch, or see Wales beaten by Finland, or watch Northern Ireland beat Poland I don't really want to if England are playing.


Anonymous said...

It hasn't passed me by that everything Scotland does has to involve the word English or England. An SNP MSP talked about drunken Scottish women and had to mention the English in comparison. The RBS was given tax payers money to build their empire and played the Braveheart theme tune at their meetings.
They're obsessed with the English. It's an arrogance and hatred which is fed to them from birth. Even though Scots MPs and Scots bankers have dragged us into bankruptcy, they're still gobbing off. If anyone has a reason to slag anyone off, the English do. The Scots have no shame.
The sooner we get rid, the better. We don't need such a nasty, racist nation sucking the life from us and slagging us off at every opportunity.

Gareth said...

Quite. No disrespect to Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland but insofar as football is concerned they're foreign countries and if I want to watch foreign football I'd rather watch Brazil, or Spain, or Portugal, or - frankly - anyone other than Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

I even object to the five minutes that Football Focus spends on the SPL. Who cares?

Demetrius said...

Who actually watches these games? Only perhaps the saddest of cases. In a bar yesterday the big screen had the Wales then NI games on and despite being full nobody, but nobody, was looking. There was another screen that some of us took a look at, a News Channel running a comedy turn about Dunfermline. Oh! How we laughed!

John Bull said...

Yes, we get pushed around enough by those recalcitrant celts! Leave off!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear - Mr John Bull is upset - no wonder - John Bull character invented by a Scotsman (John Arbuthnot).

King Athelstan said...

It can't be beyond them. I could, if I've had quite enough of watching the country of my birth, plug the old Murdoch box back in and tune in to view some inept crew of shoulder chipped second tier players, getting whupped by some emerging nation. They just don't want us to have the choice in the first place. BTW Anonymous@ 10.13. Was the MSP mentining that drunken English women just can't piss their pants as stylishly as drunken Scottish women?