Thursday, March 19, 2009

Labour uses G20 for email address harvesting?

Interesting, the Labour has a new spash screen on their website

Some important questions need to be asked now.
  1. Why is the Labour Party using the G20 when Gordon Brown is there in his capacity as the Prime Minister of Her Majesty's Government not as Leader of the Labour Party?
  2. Where is the opt-out for the email address?
  3. Does anyone seriously believe that the questions submitted are going to be answered?
  4. Is it more fair to say that this is an email address harvesting tool for the Labour Party?
Talk about transparent!

UPDATE: It appears that you don't actually have to give your email address as a requirement. Good to see they tell you that huh? Still you can have fun with the this.


Anonymous said...

They are really trying their best, not only to kiss Obama's arse, but also to piss off the Germans. If Merkel has a mind, she could finish Brown at this meeting.

Darryl Beckford said...

But hang gives you a nice page you can link to afterwards:

Not quite as much fun as the logo gen, but nearly.

Anonymous said...

Lovin it

Its like prescotts logo gen

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